1. Add new domain to 5nines.com via WHMCS.
  2. Go to 5nines.com/wp-admin and log in
  3. Click on My Sites > Network Admin > Sites
  4. Find residentialtemplate.5nines.com
  5. Click Duplicate
  6. Add the new site’s name to the New Site – Address field (do not include the .5nines.com)
  7. Use the residential building’s name for New Site – Title
  8. Provide your email address.
  9. Click Duplicate

The plugin we use for duplicating is a little glitchy continue on with the following directions.

  1. Click on My Sites > Network Admin > Sites
  2. Find the new residential microsite that was just created.
  3. Click edit
  4. Enter the full web address of the new site (ie: https://NEWSITENAME.5nines.com) in the Site Address (URL) field
  5. Click on the settings tab and re-enter the web address in both the Siteurl and Home fields
  6. Scroll down about half way and find Wc Subscriptions Siteurl
  7. Change the address to https://_[wc_subscriptions_siteurl]_NEWSITENAME.5nines.com
  8. Scroll to the bottom and click Save Changes
  9. Double check that the fields saved correctly

Updating urls on the new microsite.

  1. Go to the new site you just created.
  2. Navigate to the new site’s dashboard
  3. Go to Tools > Update URLs
  4. Enter residentialtemplate.5nines.com (do NOT include http or www or anything else) into the Old URL field
  5. Enter NEWSITENAME.5nines.com (do NOT include http or www or anything else) into the New URL field
  6. Click ALL the check boxes in Step 2
  7. Click Update URLs NOW
  8. Visit your new microsite and make sure all the links work and that they are all linking to your new site and not the residential template.

Updating images.

  1. Switch out image on computer screen with either the properties website or a picture of the building.
  2. Make sure to save out 1 version with a tighter crop for the homepage.
  3. The original size will be used for the other pages.
  4. Upload both jpg versions to the media library
  5. Update images on the home, FAQ, TV and products pages.

Updating site specific email address.

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