Do I need a Modem?
No! With 5NINES Internet, you will only need a wireless router.  You can buy one from us or your favorite store – Here’s our recommendations:

Speed Levels
5NINES offers four tiers of symmetrical Internet speeds. The following guide will help you choose the best speed level based on your desired Internet usage. Remember, you can always start at a lower speed and upgrade your package at any time!

Internet Speed Ideal For
25Mbps 1-2 simultaneous devices (computer & mobile phone)
50Mbps 2-3 simultaneous devices (plus streaming TV)
75Mbps 3-4 simultaneous devices (plus gaming)
100Mbps 5+ simultaneous devices


What about TV?
Nearly 1 million Americans dropped cable last year alone. With 5NINES internet you can too and still be up to date on everything you watch. Learn more about upgrading your relationship with entertainment.


Trouble Connecting?

  • Plug your device directly into the Ethernet wall port.
  • Link Lights are Ethernet indicators that there’s a connection. If this isn’t lit, then try another port.
  • If your device doesn’t have an Ethernet Port, we can provide a USB Ethernet Adapter for testing.
  • You can send us a support request by using this contact form.
  • Our service desk is staffed Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm.